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What better way to get your sport to your fans than via a live broadcast?

We can produce a single camera live stream right through to a multi-camera broadcast with graphics, replays and fan integration. It doesn't matter what part of the country you are in, we can live stream from anywhere!

SportBroadcast Features Overview


We have broadcast quality cameras that can capture sports in HD or 4K and with the ability to cover multiple angles at your event, we can switch to ensure all the action is covered!

We often cover football with 5-7 cameras which gives you a wide and a close, cameras in the pockets and a wireless rover on field and even in rooms cameras.


Whether it's a simple lower third, videos or even interactive social media plugins, we can cater to all your wants and needs! You can supply us graphics or let our team design the assets for you. The graphics is what visually brings your broadcast to life, scoreboards and other information delivered on brand and like it were on TV.


Just like you would see on a TV broadcast, we provide our clients with instant replays using any angle from our broadcast. These add the professional touch to an otherwise amazing broadcast.


We have different ways to integrate scoring into our platform, using app based client scoring we can bring in a scoreboard that is updated by you or we can take care of all the scoring as a custom graphic within the broadcast.

We can also work with existing scoring platforms to pull data from scoring websites to seamlessley integrate into the broadcast.

Social Media

Ever wanted fans to have their say during the broadcast? We can integrate social media responses into the broadcast. These can be moderated and come from various sources such as X (Twitter) or Facebook.


If we are onsite, we can setup a commentary station with a monitor to allow your chosen commentators to call the event. If they are unable to make it to the venue, we can arrange for offsite calling of the action from either our Melbourne office or the comfort of your home.

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